Insta-Tix, Ticketing Made Easy!

Insta-Tix is a b rand new service that we’ve developed to help not only our customers, bu tthe general public as well!

Remember the last rtime you wernt on-line to buy tiuckets to your favorite event, only to find ticket fees that toal up to $50 more PER TICKET to use their service?

Well, those days are over.  Many of our web clients are entertainers, artists and musicians.  They are constantly either having to charge increased ticketing prices to their guests, or lose a lot of their profits to the ticketing agency. – or Both.  We designed this service to provide a ticketing service that not only never charges the purchaser a cent more that the cover price of the ticket, but also charges only the necessary processing fees to the event organizer.

We think you will love this new service, please check irt out by clicking the picture below.

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