Let us help you bring your business online and sell your products with ease.

What is E-Commerce?

Simply put, E-Commerce is the tech term for on line retail stores. An e-commerce site will display your products, allow your shoppers to build their shopping cart, check out, pay and receive confirmation of the sale. On the back end, the merchant is paid, given all the necessary shipping information and any special instructions from the customer, and completes fulfillment of the order.

Our business started with an on-line store, and we had many years of success. Let us help you achieve your on line sales goals by6 bringing your store on-line!

Whether you have an established brick and mortar store, and you are looking to increase your sales, or if you have a new idea and want to sell that to the public we can help. We have all the tools to complete your vision..

Special Features

Here are a couple of reasons why it makes great business sense to bring your business online. MET Web Solutions can make this happen for you.

Accept Credit Cards

Link directly to your business account. Customers pay directly online and the money is deposited to your bank account.

Process Shipping

After the customer chooses shipping method, your online store automatically calculates shipping charges and adds to the total for you!

Sell On Any Device

Your customers will have the opportunity to shop on any device, even their cell phones or tablets!

Get Started.

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