What is E-Commerce?

Simply put, is the tech term for on-line retail stores.  An e-commerce site will display your products, allow your shoppers to build their shopping cart, check out, pay and receive confirmation of the sale.  On the back end, the merchant is paid, givenb all the necessary shipping informaiton and any special instructions form the customer the completes fulfillment of the order.

MET Web Solutions started as an on-line store and enjoyed many years of success.  Let us help you achieve your on-line sales goals by bringing your store on-line.

Whether you have an established  brick and mortar store and looking to increase sales, or if you have a new idea and want to showcase that and sell to the public, we can help.  We have all the tools to complete your vision.

Special Features

Here are a few reasons why it makes great business sense to bring your business on-line.  MET Web Solutions is ready to make that happen for you.


Accept Credit Cards

Make it easy for your customers to pay for their purchases. We can customize your payment or Paypal Module to suit your needs.
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Shipping Options

We integrate your site with UPS, Fedex and/or USPS to automatically calculate shipping costs for their order so you don't have to!
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Mobile Friendly

Your site is 100% responsive, which means the experience is flawless on a PC, Mac, Tablet, or Cell Phone. A sale right in the palm of their hands!
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