Coming …Summer of 2022!


Insta-Tix is our newest creation and we’re really excited about it.  Why?

Because we have created a lot of websites for musicians, bands and entertainers…And a universal complaint they all experience is super high priced ticketing options.

To most people, it doesn’t seem like a big deal…  but to an artist – losing up to 40% of every ticket to fees, costs and charges is no joke.  We wanted to help…and we’ve spent about a year putting it together.  This summer we will bring it to life.

How does it work?

Simple.  You, as an event creator, add your event to the website.  You then add your ticketing options.  Last, you add pictures, videos, whatever else you want your public to know.

Thats it!  Your audience can start buying tickets right away.  The system adds the credit card processing fee to the ticket, along with our fee of $1.00, (Yes, we said $1.00), and deposits your sales into a holding account until you want your money.  We’ll even create a link for you on your website for you!

You sign onto the site, request your event payout, and within a day or two the event proceeds are transferred directly into your bank account.

And you control it all.

Like I said, We’re super excited about it, and it’s been a long time coming.  It’s our way of giving back to the people who have put us on the map.
So check in on our progress as you are able, we’ll be up and running shortly.