A Bad Website Can Destroy your Business!

April 21, 2017
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April 21, 2017 Michael Terry

A Bad Website Can Destroy your Business!

Here’s the truth.  In today’s digital world, you have about six (6) seconds once a perspective customer clicks “GO” to grab their attention before they click on to the next website, (your competition).  Six seconds.  Let that sink in.   If your website is slow to load, unprofessional or looks like it has been put together by a twelve year old, you’ve lost your business to the competitor who has taken the time, energy and investment to display a professional and useful website.

And here’s another truth.  Brick and mortar business is, for the most part, on it’s way out.  A traditional “Mom and Pop” business can no longer compete with the “Big Box” stores, or online mega-stores, the likes of Amazon, Zappos, Ebay, etc.  In order to survive in this ever changing business environment, you’ve got to bring your store on-line.

And yet another truth.  How much confidence in your store are you instilling in your customer base when your website has a big tag in the middle of the page stating: “You can create your own free website just like this one at ***.com?  What that tells me is that this business has no capital, and will probably be out of business soon.  And that any purchase will be un-returnable if damaged or broken.

So what’s the solution?  Simple.  Hire a professional.  And here’s why.

  • First, Design.  A professional, easy to navigate design, and eye candy that will grab your customer before they “Click off”.  Experienced Web Designers know how to place content, and how customers use technology.
  • Responsiveness.  A website that is “responsive”, means that it displays perfectly on a PC or Mac, tablet, laptop or cell phone.  More and more people are moving away from their traditional desktop computers.  As everybody is moving into hand held technology, your website has to keep up.  If your pages are either too small to read, or words and pictures are cut off in the display, you will lose the sale to a website that IS responsive.
  • Maintenance.  A website is something that is constantly in need of attention.  There are frequent security and software updates , backups and other administrative tasks that need to be done.  But even more important to your customers – you need constant fresh content.  Even the smallest updates, posts, specials, sales, or re-positioned content will grab your customers attention when they return to the site.  A website that has gone stale will not inspire your customers to check back often.
  • Support.  What do you do if your website crashes?  How long will it take you to rebuild the whole site, should a catastrophic failure occur?
  • SEO.  Do you, as a business owner even know what SEO is?  Your Web Designer does.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important aspects of your on-line business.  Understanding how search engines work and what needs to be done to get your business seen is incredibly important.  As an example, Let’s say you are a pizza restaurant.  You are trying to bring in new customers with your website.  Think for a moment how many pizza restaurants there are in the world, and how many of them have websites.  When people do a “Google Search” for a pizza, they will go down the list of results, usually only to the first 5 or 6 listings, and choose one of those.  If that doesn’t satisfy their fancy they may click on the entry above or below that one.  What chance do your think your pizza business has being on page 35 of the Google result?  SEO is extremely important, and an experienced Web Designer can help.


These are just a few good reasons to consider using a professional as opposed to using a “Free Website” company.  Our best advice is concentrate on your business, let us concentrate on ours, which, by the way, is dedicated to helping yours!